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Our Mission

Nurturing and connecting communities by increasing the availability and affordability of sustainable home-cooked meals.


How This Works



Hosts provide info about their meals

We post meals on our See What's Cooking page



Guests reserve seats at meals

Everyone meets at host's home at mealtime 


Stay connected through Shared Stories


On our See What's Cooking page, you can view various meals cooking nearby, choose one you'd like to attend, and pay through our website to reserve your seat!


Click the link on our Host a Meal page to provide information about your meal, including what's cooking, how many people you'd like to host, and how much you're charging per person. We'll post this information on our See What's Cooking page. You will receive an email notification whenever someone reserves a seat at your meal.


A Provecho experience is more than a meal - it's about the people we meet. Shared Stories is an online community where people can connect and write about what they love.

It's difficult to describe everything we'd like to share about ourselves in a brief bio. If you'd like to learn more about what inspired us to create this company, check out this shared story. While you're there, feel free to follow us or other users. We can't wait to read your stories!

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

We Are What's Cooking

 Alex TenBarge 

 Liam Scott 

 Joe Zoyhofski 

Hello! My name is Alex and I'm from Peapack & Gladstone, NJ. I come from a small town and community there tends to bond over home cooked meals. Obviously, this isn't just limited to my town. All across the world, people connect on a unique and intimate level over home cooked food. We want to make communal eating easier, more efficient, and more fun with Provecho!

Hi. I’m Joe. Although I dorm at Fordham now, I’m originally from Buffalo. And honestly, there’s nothing I miss more about home than home-cooking. I miss making paella, this huge Cuban rice dish with shrimp and crab and peas. I miss coming home after a long day of school and having interesting conversations with people I love. I love Fordham, but I felt that aspect of home was missing.

My name is Liam Scott. I’m from Philadelphia I always loved finishing the day by sharing a home cooked meal with people that I love to surround myself with. I realized that that feeling can exist outside of the home. Anyone can and should get together to share meals, conversations, stories, and humanity, and that’s exactly what we aim for with Provecho.

     We all met at Fordham University in the Bronx during the fall of our freshman year in 2017. The three of us lived in Loyola Hall— the best dorm building ever (in our opinion, at least). We were friends before we began this business, but since we started working on the Provecho Project in January 2018, we’ve grown much closer. 

     We created the Provecho Project because, frankly, we missed home-cooking and wanted it to be a bigger part of our lives and our society. Home-cooking brings people together in ways nothing else can. When we open our homes, we open our hearts. Because home is where the heart is. And every home-cooked meal is made with love.

We Are the Provecho Project

Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to make the Provecho Project accessible to anyone who has the desire to share home-cooked meals with others - first at Fordham, then at other universities and society at large.